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简介1.2017状元桥高考一轮总复习英语答案Ⅰ. 1. tutor 2. original 3. upset 4. argued 5. pushy 6. enough 7. style 8. matter 9. compare 10. complained Ⅱ. 11. surprises 12. except 13. fail 14. pressure 15. compare 16. don’t h



Ⅰ. 1. tutor 2. original 3. upset 4. argued 5. pushy

6. enough 7. style 8. matter 9. compare 10. complained

Ⅱ. 11. surprises 12. except 13. fail 14. pressure 15. compare 16. don’t have enough money 17. what should I do/what to do next 18. ask your teacher for help 19. argue with each other for money 20. from a young age

Ⅲ. 21. more 22. sandwiches 23. was invited 24. interested 25. dancing 26. different 27. friend’s 28. to buy 29. really 30. carefully

Ⅳ. 31. D 32. A 33. C 34. A 35. D 36. A 37. A 38. B

39. C 40. D 41. B 42. A 43. A 44. A 45. C

Ⅴ. 46. do you 47. doesn’t need any 48. the same age as 49. should not , either 50. what to do

Ⅵ. 51-55 C B A D B 56-60 B A D A D

Ⅶ A. 61-65 A A D A C B.66 friends 67informtion 68quickly 69eyes 70correctly


一、。 1.A 2.C 3.A 4. B 5. D

二、 1. Have you ever swum 2. he hasn’t visited 3. hasn’t won any prizes 4. I’ve alwayswanted to help you 5. has already invite us to travel 三、 1. It’s over 550metres. 2. To take in thebreath-taking view. 3. By rotating once every 72 minutes. 4. Three. / 3. 5. Some information about the CN Tower.

四、。 1.D 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.B 6.B 7.D 8.A 9.B 10.B


Dear Tony, How are you? I’m having a wonderful timein Beijing now. I have done many interesting things here. I have been to manyplaces of interest. I have visited the Tian’anmen Square, the Palace Museumand the Great Wall. I have taken many nice photos of these famous places. I’llsend some to you with this email. I have also enjoyed different kinds ofChinese food. I’ve tried dumplings, noodles and roast duck. They are all verydelicious. I think Beijing is one of the biggest and busiestcities in the world. There’s a lot to see and do here. I hope we can visit Beijing together nexttime. Yours, Tom

1-5 ACDAD 6-10ADCAB11-15 BADCD 16-20ACDCB21-25 BBCDC 26-30 ACADC31-35DDBAC 36-40 CABAD41-45 CBDAA 46-50 DBCBD51-55 BACCB 56-60 DCBBC61-65 ACAAB66-70 DCBBA71-75 CDFAE76. When she gets excited. / When something goes herway.77. She felt embarrassed / awkward.78. Not to do the “silly dance” inpublic.79. She will continue to sing. / She won’t stop singing.80. Beingoneself. / Being who he / she is.短文改错:81. ... friend callingEmily. calling → called82. ... things that like ... 去掉that83.... what she asked ... asked后加for84. ... she hasborrowed! has → had85. ..., though she said ... though → but86. ... she couldremember ... could → couldn't或could后加not87.... made the list ... the → a88. ... gave them to ... them → it89. For mysurprise, ... For → To90. ... a dirt T-shirt. dirt → dirtyOne possibleversion:Dear Editor,Rubbish is now one of the main environmental problems.Withthe increasing population, more and more rubbish is produced every day and somerubbish does great harm to the environment: it pollutes the air, the soil andthe water. Today many cities are troubled by mountains of rubbish. It not onlyaffects our daily life but results in serious illnesses.We must find a betterway to deal with rubbish. First of all, rubbish should be put in differentplaces according to whether they can be recycled or not. Secondly, everybodymust realise that it is everybody's duty to keep the environment clean.Finally, I think that laws must be passed on how to deal with rubbish.Yourssincerely, Li Hua部分解析单项填空:21.D。have a(n) ... effect on sb. 对某人有…… 影响;growth在句中意为“成长”,是不可数名词,且其后有of children限定,表特指,故其前用the。22.C。根据答语中的Sorry 及表示转折的but可知,此处指“事情很紧急(urgent)”。concerned担心的;major 主要的;scary恐怖的,吓人的。23. A。hold 与the sports meet 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,又根据the day after tomorrow 可知hold 这一动作尚未发生,故用不定式的一般式的被动语态作定语,修饰the sports meet。24. B。玛丽总是被鼓励去游泳的目的是增强腿部的“力量(strength)”。energy精力,活力;protection保护;position 位置。25. D。haveno choice but to do sth. 别无选择只能做某事;do nothing but do sth. 什么都不做,只是做某事。26. B。根据答语“那很危险”可知应答者不让孩子们晚上出去。Absolutely not!(绝对不行!当然不可以!)符合语境。hopefully 希望如此;thankfully谢天谢地;rarely极少地。27. B。分析句子结构可知,空格后为定语从句,且定语从句中缺少地点状语,故选where,相当于inwhich。28. C。根据答语“别担心。我喜欢软一点的”可知,上句是说“融化(melts)前赶快吃掉你的冰淇淋”。expand 膨胀;dissolve溶解;recycle再循环。29.A。complain to sb. about sth.向某人抱怨某事。30. A。该句中make 后接复合宾语,to get there on time 是真正的宾语,故用it 作形式宾语。31. D。根据tomorrow 可知用将来时。这是一个there be句型,故选D项。32. D。题意:塑料燃烧时会散发出(give out)气体,这种气体对人有害并且会严重污染大气。take in 吸收;takeaway 拿走;give up放弃。33. B。由“没有多少时间了”可知,应选ina nutshell(简言之,概括地讲)。in other words 换句话说;ina way 在某种程度上;one after another 一个接一个地。34. A。根据上句“我想这不是个坏主意”可知,I couldn't agree with you more.(我完全同意)符合语境。35. C。根据答语中的Yes 可知,应答者将尽力按时完成这项工作。I'll do my best我将尽力而为。完形填空:话题:个人情感本文是夹叙夹议文。一位年轻人从松鼠跳跃树枝得到启发,从而鼓起勇气,决心为心仪的职位冒一次险。36. C。让你垂涎的梦想就是你想用尽一切办法使之成为“现实(reality)”的梦想。37.A。由下文的... take a risk ..., he landed safely in a position 可知,这位年轻人在工作中遇到了麻烦,不知如何“面对(face)”。38.B。由下文的But it still landed ... on a branch several feet lower可知,松鼠是从一棵“高(high)”树跳到另一棵。39.A。松鼠想跳到另外一棵树的树枝上。aim for 以……为目标。40.D。由下文的the jump looked impossible可知,松鼠离它想跳的树枝很远。out of reach够不到。41. C。由下文But一词可知,松鼠没有跳到它想跳的树枝上。miss 在此处为failto reach之意。42. B。虽然未达到目标,但松鼠仍然“安全地(safely)”跳到了较低的树枝上。下文的never seen one of them get hurt是提示。43. D。松鼠继续跳跃,最终到了自己“想要(wanted)”到达的那根树枝。44. A。老人认为松鼠不断跳跃的场面很“有趣(funny)”。45.A。很多松鼠如年轻人看到的松鼠一样“跳跃(jump)”。46.D。“很多松鼠错过目标”与“从未看到一只松鼠受伤”之间是转折关系,故选but。47.B。由下文的to take a chance 可知,松鼠“冒险(risk)”去跳跃树枝。48.C。松鼠是在树之间跳跃。49. B。松鼠尝试从很高的树跳跃到另外一棵高树上,是做好了准备去冒险。be prepared to do sth.准备做某事;乐意做某事。50. D。年轻人看到松鼠跳跃树枝的勇敢,反问自己是否缺少“勇气(courage)”面对工作中的困境。51. B。由下文的he landed safely in a position可知,年轻人“决定(decided)”冒险做他想做的事情。52. A。年轻人所得到的这个职位是他原来觉得“决不(never)”可能的。53.C。54. C。由松鼠跳跃树枝的故事可知,定下如奔向月亮的远大志向,“纵使(Evenif)”不能到达,也会跻身于繁星之中,也会比你现在的位置更高、更好。end up以……结束。55.B。既然人生短暂,时光易逝,为何不努力去实现最精彩的人生呢?possible可能发生的。阅读理解:A篇(自然)本文是记叙文。文章介绍了美国历史上一次严重的气候灾难。56. D。细节理解题。根据第二段的the wind picked up earth 和第三段的theangry mountain of dust 可知,黑色星期天发生的是一场沙尘暴。57. C。推理判断题。根据第三段Lila Lee说的I was sure I was going to die 可知,面对1935年那场沙尘暴,她感到非常惊恐。58. B。篇章结构题。根据上文可知,正是因为粘合土壤的草皮被铲掉,才导致沙尘暴的发生。59. B。细节理解题。由倒数第二段的During World War Ⅰ, there was good rain and wheat prices were high. Butafter the war, prices dropped 可知,一战以后,小麦价格下跌导致了一些人放弃了土地。B篇(周围的人)本文是记叙文。文章介绍了十二岁女孩Anna Koppelman 创办慈善组织来帮助他人的故事。60. C。推理判断题。从第三段的I got there and saw the kids' faces light up 可知,孩子们脸上喜悦的笑容说明了安娜初次举办的慈善生日宴会很成功。61. A。细节理解题。根据第四段的she has been amazed at the amount of time, energy, and resources peoplehave been willing to donate to her cause 可知,很多人支持安娜的慈善组织。62. C。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段的encourages others to form Birthday Fairies clubs 和最后一段的she'dlike to see Birthday Fairies clubs in schools across the United States and inother parts of the world 可知,安娜希望传播她的善举。63. A。标题归纳题。本文主要介绍了十二岁女孩Anna Koppelman 开办慈善组织Birthday Fairies 来帮助他人的故事。A项中的A sweet cause 指代Anna Koppelman 所从事的慈善活动是一项能带给人们美好、甜蜜的事业。C篇(热点话题)本文是议论文。文章就图书馆是否应该提供视频游戏进行了讨论。64. A。细节理解题。休斯顿公共图书馆的事例是对上一句Adding video games has helped some libraries attractmore visitors 的进一步补充。由于提供视频游戏,休斯顿公共图书馆的访问者越来越多。65. B。词义猜测题。文章第一段的调查报告显示人们对图书馆提供视频游戏的喜爱,而第二段however 的转折引出了人们对此事的讨论,由此可知,并不是所有人都赞成图书馆提供视频游戏。故该短语有“支持”的意思。66.D。主旨大意题。本文作者从一项研究报告开始,引用两位读者的观点,展开了对图书馆是否应该提供视频游戏的讨论。D篇(旅游)本文是应用文。文章是一项迷你冒险活动的广告宣传。67. C。细节理解题。由文中的Return ferry crossing toVancouver Island 可知,此次活动有乘船旅行部分。68. B。细节理解题。由Activities You Can Choose (paid locally)部分所列的Whale watching US$70-$90 可知,观看鲸鱼是可以自由选择的活动。69. B。细节理解题。由文中的Accommodation:3 nights campingwith equipment(except the sleeping bag)可知,游客需自备睡袋。70. A。推理判断题。由文中的dates can be chosen to suit your needs 可知,Private Departures 更加灵活,游客可自行决定出发日期。选做题参考答案及解析参考答案I. 1-5 DDABD 6-10 CBCAC11-15 BADCD 16-20 BCDBDII. 1-5DBBDD解析完形填空:话题:社会本文是说明文。文章介绍了一个回收利用旧物品的项目。1. D。由上文的hasgot used to recycling ...可知,回收旧物品对Thornebrooke 小学的学生来说已经成为一种“习惯(habit)”。2.D。3. A。由下文的pays the school for the oldproducts 可知,Thornebrooke 小学通过“回收(recycling)”旧物品“得到(earned)”了钱。4.B。通过回收旧物而获利是一种为学校“集资(raisingmoney)”的方式。5. D。由下文的Thecartridges are refilled and resold. Used electronics are made into new products可知,回收再利用可以为地球“节约(saving)”资源。6.C。学生们习惯了回收旧物品,说明他们已经“意识(realized)”到为地球节约资源。7. B。回收再利用是一件“正确的(right)”事情。8.C。由下文

的free boxes to send the collected materials by post 可知,Thornebrooke小学把回收的旧物品“ 寄给(mails)”FundingFactory。9. A。Thornebrooke 小学和FundingFactory是合作关系。学校寄东西,“反过来(in turn)”,公司为这些旧物品支付一定的费用。10. C。除了旧手机和旧的油墨盒,FundingFactory还“接受(accepts)”其它的电子产品。11. B。由下文的It provides freeposters ...and free boxes ... 可知,FundingFactory提供的便利使得学校很“容易(easy)”参与。12. A。学校给FundingFactory 邮寄回收的旧物品,从而得到新产品或者现金。either ... or ... 是固定搭配,“或……或……”。13. D。回收再利用旧物品的项目会对世界和未来“产生影响(making adifference)”。14. C。全社会可以共同合作是这些绿色项目传递的一个“重要的(important)”信息。15. D。FundingFactory 是一家接收学校邮递旧物品的公司,而当地的企业捐赠给学校旧产品。由此可知,通过Funding-Factory 项目,当地企业和学校建立了“联系(connections)”。16. B。FundingFactory 项目的目的是为了“帮助(help)”学校。17. C。由上文的their usedproducts 可知,被回收的东西都是企业准备“扔掉(throw away)”的。18. D。由Lewis has bought new equipment可知,学校通过FundingFactory 项目得到钱从而购买新设备。19. B。因为被当地媒体报道,故学生们对回收再利用感到“兴奋(excited)”。20. D。Feagin Mill 学校回收了本来要被当地企业扔掉的旧产品,而这是一件对环境保护有益的事情,故他们的努力是“与环境有关的(environmental)”

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